Walking Poles Trekking Pole Telescopic Sticks Hiking Stick


Product information:

Product category: trekking poles

Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: silver, black, red, blue

Pipe diameter: 20/18/16/14mm

Length: 51-110cm


1: 4 section telescopic disassembly
The trekking poles can be freely stretched and folded, and can be placed directly in the backpack, making it more convenient to carry

2: Aluminum rod body
The rod body is scientifically designed, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and the rod body is lighter and stronger

3: Moisture wicking handle
EVA handle, ergonomic fit design + anti-slip design, can quickly absorb sweat, anti-slip, increase the comfort of outdoor sports

4: Ergonomic wristband
The wrist strap is made of nylon, which is comfortable and breathable. It is easy to adjust the design, and it is convenient to adjust the elasticity and comfort at any time

5: Spring shock absorber system
The product uses a built-in spring to absorb shock, which can be stretched after rotating to relieve pressure on the knee joint

6: Expansion device
The white expansion device rotates to the right and the blue cylinder shrinks inward. If you need to connect the trekking poles, you need to rotate the white to the right to connect to the trekking poles

7: Stick tip protective cover
Upgraded TPP cross-grabbing anti-skid pattern, with rubber rebound fit and good abrasion resistance, in line with HAP testing standards, to ensure durable and comfortable rebound

8: Quickly remove the mud support
Quick disassembly design, dirt road, gravel road, snow road, quick installation in one step, keep stable and help

How to use:

Note: The trekking pole adjuster needs to cover the "stop" mark when it is stretched. Do not use the adjuster to exceed the stop mark. Otherwise, the lock will not be tight!

Tip protection cover:

Many people think that the role of the rubber cover (bottom support) is to protect it from being damaged when it is stored in the mountaineering right, and to prevent the tip of the stick from scratching other objects. In fact, the role of the rubber (bottom) is more than that. For walking on hard rock cement and asphalt roads, the effect of using rubber sleeves is better than that of ordinary stick tips, which not only reduces the wear of the stick tip, but also provides better elasticity and friction.

The correct way to use:
1. Unscrew the locking device until the adjusting tube shrinks freely
2. Open or shrink to the desired length
3. Tighten the locking device until it is fully locked, but do not use excessive force
4. Do not exceed the stop mark, otherwise the lock will not be tight
5. If the head of the stick (with the tip of the right tip put on the support or the bottom support) is stuck in the crack of the stone, don't shake it, try to pull it out vertically

Packing list:

Trekking pole*1