Outdoor hiking tent emergency sleeping bag


Name: First Aid Tent

Material: PET aluminum film

Size: 2.4 * 1.5 * 0.9 meters

Baby weight: about 180g

Baby thickness: 0.01197 (mm) = 11.97um (If you do n’t know micrometer, you always know millimeter!)
  5.5 m rope included in product package
Baby material: PET film + silver aluminized film
How to use: Unfold the tent and lay it on the ground. The rope passes through the inside of the tent.
Life-saving blankets, first-aid sleeping bags, and first-aid tents are international wild life-saving products
In outdoor emergency, it can achieve waterproof, sun-proof and cold-proof performance, and has many uses:
1.Maintain body temperature in harsh and cold environment

2. Block in the sun

3. Build a temporary shelter

4, wind and rain

5. Collect rainwater

6, reflective help